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Shmeisani - Abdul Hamid Al Zahrawi Street, Building # 30, 3rd Floor, Amman - Jordan

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Eng. Lina Wadi

Business Development Manager

Educational background: MS Engineering Management

Total years of experience: 8 years

  • Your Goals:

As a Business Development Manager, I aim to drive sustainable growth and expand market reach through strategic partnerships, innovative solutions,  and a relentless focus on customer satisfaction. I aim to propel our company forward in a dynamic and competitive landscape by identifying new opportunities, fostering meaningful connections, and delivering value-driven outcomes.
Main Goals:
  • – Product/Service Development and Innovation
  • – Brand Building and Thought Leadership
  • – Risk Management and Compliance
  • – Continuous Improvement, Performance Monitoring and Optimization 


 – Travel.
– Reading.
– Learning New Skills.
– Sports and Fitness.
– Volunteering.